4PL Lead Logistics Solutions

Starting with the function of the Lead Logistics Provider (LLP), Managed Freight Services, or 4PL, the outsourcing of logistics operations can entail a wide range of services and endeavors. For many companies outsourcing of logistics to multiple parties across different geographies or modes and lanes of expertise, is fundamental fact. However to achieve true value of such services is often a daunting task, with different levels of engagement, terms and service outcomes. It is here that a partner that is focused on your needs irrespective of the suppliers that are engaged, that can handle the management, optimisation and oversee the operations to achieve improved services and competitive costs. 

4PL Customised Integrated Logistics Services: Depending on the needs of customers, Toll can manage a group of 3PL suppliers and offer managed services on their behalf. This service is possible across all modes including Ocean, Air, Rail, Transport and Warehousing, inclusive of multimodal operations. The contractual arrangement with these providers can still be in the hands of customers or there are variations, where Toll may hold the contract and carry out the customer's instructions. In either case, we can offer local or international outsourcing services for a particular nation or region, a certain area of a customer's business, or both.

4PL Managed Transportation Services: One of the common areas of complexity especially when there is a wide range of products requiring different types of transportation upstream, downstream and on the basis of the delivery profile, are Managed Transportation Services. Here Toll can provide a Transport digital control tower network that manages the planning, allocation, tracking, performance, reconciliation and overall control of the complex transport task that can have many small operators requiring assistance in scheduling and planning or large carriers that need to managed to remain competitive. 

4PL Service Analytics and Insights : With centralised control comes visibility and information. Toll provides the insights on performance inclusive reporting, KPI's but also on strategic initiatives such as Green footprint/sustainability goals, specific detailing of performance by different participants in the services, by area, product and so forth. This level of enriched information is excellent for decision making and Toll can also provide recommendations based on the experience and information together that can enhance your business. 

4PL Resilience and Flexibility: One of the key advantages of the Toll 4PL Lead Logistics solution is the handling of disruptions to the supply chain. Whether due to an unfortunate weather event or failure from a given supplier. Toll with it's 4PL enhance program can provide alternative interim service partners to supplement your arranged suppliers to be able to overcome that peak hurdle, that bottleneck or that unexpected event. Our objective is clear, make sure your supply chain is operating efficiently and effectively, so you take care of business and we will handle the rest.