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We are able to provide integrated transportation and logistics solutions for supplier component parts and finished vehicles across the supply chain.

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Partnering with Toll

Partnering with Toll

We provide full supply chain solutions across the entire automotive and mobility industry. Our team has the expertise to help you achieve excellence, where you’re dealing with OEMs, tire suppliers, or energy and digital component manufacturers.

The automotive and mobility industry is rapidly evolving, with digitalisation, clean energy, and autonomous technology driving much of the change. As a result, supply sources, production techniques, and inventory considerations have all transformed.  

As our customer, we will meet these challenges for you with innovative solutions for all aspects of your automotive and mobility supply chain. 

We understand that you manage different supply chains providing a wide range of components that all need to be at the right place at the right time. You also have to mitigate disruptions caused by a variety of factors from regulatory and policy changes to natural disasters. As your trusted logistics partner, we will handle these responsibilities for you. 

Our customers also enjoy our finished goods delivery services and spare parts management, where they can expect quality and timely service delivered cost effectively.

Automotive supply management 

Sourcing and supply management is essential to maximising efficiency and minimising downtime of production. We have a track record of navigating disruption, providing reliable freight management of inbound milk run transportation and supplier control tower management.  

Production supply  

We provide line side services for a wide variety of situations such as ensuring that the just in sequence requirements of assembly lines are met, supporting the needs of CKD/SKD operations, performing pre-assembly and kitting, and conducting QA testing and compliance checks. We are able to achieve optimal efficiency across different inventory strategies and component supply chains.

Finished vehicles management 

Our FVM services can cater to general sales or special events. We provide professional freight, customs management, vehicle storage, and processing solutions. Pre-delivery inspection includes detailing, inspection, customisations, and more. We also ensure high standards of quality compliance.

Parts management  

Our parts service covers all forms of fulfilment for global and local networks. We bring certainty to all stakeholders by providing visibility to your customers, dealers, and partner networks. 

Aftermarket resale and recycling 

We manage circular supply chains by providing services for the re-exportation, recovery, recycling, and disposal of vehicles.

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