Alysha Ali, 2018 Toll Graduate

We believe that going to work should be a positive experience and everyone deserves to get home safely at the end of the day. Our global workforce is diverse in nature and strongly connected to the communities we operate in.

Safety and wellbeing

Creating a safe working environment free of incidents and injuries is our top priority. Our safety programs, training and workshops support our team members in developing safety leadership, empowering them to genuinely care and look out for one another.

We also go beyond physical safety and take care of our people’s overall wellbeing. This means responsive assistance during times of difficulty or proactive support through regular programmes.

Our Wellbeing Program brings together the skills and insight of our internal Wellbeing team, Mental Health First Aid Officers (MHFAOs) and the diverse resources available through our three-tier Employee Assistance Program (EAP) model.

This allows us to provide tailored and responsive care for all team members and their families.


As a multinational organisation, our workforce is inherently diverse. One of our greatest strengths comes from having people of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Their varied life experiences bring unique talents and perspectives.

We embrace diversity in all its forms, employing the best person for the job regardless of cultural, ethnic or religious background, sexuality, disability, or family circumstances. This approach is reflected in our Diversity and Equal Opportunity Policy.

Some of our areas of focus include the Women in Toll (WiT) programme and the Indigenous Programme. We also believe in helping our people balance work and life commitments by finding a way of working that suits both personal and business requirements.

Career pathways

We take pride in nurturing new talent in the logistics industry. Our cadetships and traineeships offer a chance to get a taste of life in various sectors and jobs, from the maritime to the construction industries, or from driving to warehousing.

Toll’s Graduate Programme helps young professionals launch their logistics career and develop their leadership skills in a global network.